Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Top Ten: Books I Want To Re-Read

I'm participating  in Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday The Broke and the Bookish post their top ten lists on various topics: Top Ten Tuesday page

Today I am looking at the Top Ten books that I want to re-read:

10. The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisburger

I absolutly loved this novel when it was first released. I then watched the movie in the theatres too and adored it. I have seen the movie many times and would love to re-read the novel. After all even though the movie was a great representation of the novel, I still prefer the novel. I have read all of Lauren Weisburger's novels, and would recommend them all, however The Devil Wears Prada is still my favourite

9. The Language Of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
 I recently read The Language of Flowers and was blown away by it. When a novel sticks with you long after you have finished reading, thats when I know that it will remain on my shelves for many years to come. The emotion and rawness of this novel was what I enjoyed most. If you haven't read this one you need to.

8. Captain Corelli's Mandolin by Louis De Bernieres

This has been my all time favourite novel ever since I picked it up, when I was around sixteen. I fell in love with this novel instantly and have re-read it many times. It is a novel that I always come back to when I want something filled with romance and emotional turmoil. While this is not chick lit, I think everyone needs to read this, regardless of your tastes in novels.

7. In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner

I have a confession to make! I have never seen the movie version of In Her Shoes! I know, I know, I need to but I just haven't got around to it yet. After watching the movie, I know that I will want to re-read the novel and so therefore I had to add it to my list. Aside from this, In Her Shoes is one of my favourite Jennifer Weiner novels.

6. Jemima J by Jane Green

Jane Green is my all time favourite author and Jemima J was the first of her novels I ever read. While I would love to re-read all of Jane's novels if I had the time, I thought I would try to narrow it down to just one. Jemima J is such a fun read that I know I would fall in love with it all over again if I chose to re-read it. If you haven't already read this one you need to, it is one of my all time favourite novels.

5. Something Borrowed and Something Blue by Emily Giffin

Many of your will have seen the movie version of Something Borrowed and read the novels. I always feel as though these two novels should come hand in hand, therefore chose them both together. Thats not cheating? Right?! Aside from that these are both great reads and I would love to re-read them just to see whether I am still Team Rachel or if I see things more from Darcy's point of view.

4. Bridget Jones by Helen Fielding

I must have seen the movie version of Bridget Jones more times than I can count. While I adore the movie (and find me someone who doesn't) I sometimes forget this was a novel before it became a movie. The book version is just as good, if not better than the movie. I would love to re-read this novel, as Helen Fieldings writing is so entertaining. If you haven't read the book you need to!

3. Skipping A Beat by Sarah Pekannen

Sarah Pekkanen managed to move me in such a way with Skipping A Beat that my emotions ended up all over the place. I found myself laughing and at times even crying (which is very rare for me with a novel)! This novel took me on an emotional rollercoaster and I would love to see if the novel would take me on the same journey if I were to re-read it. I would highly recommed anyone to read Skipping A Beat and also The Opposite Of Me both by Sarah Pekannnen

2. Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto

Before Ever After completely blew me away the first time I read it. Ever since then it has not been out of my mind and I would love to re-read the novel. I have found myself comparing this novel with everything I have been reading lately! I seriously urge anyone who has not read this novel to pick it up and see for yourself exactly why I adore this novel so much. Just writing about it is making me want to pick up the book and delve back into the story of Shelley and Max.

1. Shopaholic Series by Sophie Kinsella

As hard as I tried to pick just one of the Shopaholic series novels, I just couldn't narrow it down to one. Therefore I chose the entire series as my top choice of novel to re-read. The Shopaholic series is a fun, entertaining, light and humourous read. I love delving into the life of Becky Bloomwood! And after all isn't there a shopaholic inside of all of us?

What books would you like to re-read? Let me know in the comments below


  1. I actually really liked the movie version of In Her Shoes! It has the same feel as the book even if plot points are different. Jennifer Weiner's a fantastic writer - Good in Bed is my favourite of hers.

    My Top Ten list is over here if you'd like to stop by!

  2. I love The Devil Wears Prada. I'll definitely be rereading that one day as well.

    I really enjoyed the Shopaholic series in the beginning, but I stopped reading it after Shopaholic and Sister. It just lost its charm for me after that book.

    Here's my Top Ten list if you'd like to see it.

  3. Oh, now I want to reread BRIDGET JONES too. Such a fun book! I wonder where my copy even is?

  4. Devil is the only one of these that I've read so now I have some new stuff to check out!! Thanks!

  5. I love Bridget Jones and the Shopaholic books - they have definite re-readability! I've always wanted to read Captain Corelli's Mandolin but I've never gotten around to it.

  6. I would love to read both The Bridget Jones Diary and the Shopaholic series for the first time. The fact that you would like to reread theses makes me feel I have missed something not having read either.

  7. I love the Shopaholic books. :) I wish I had more to say, but Chick Lit really isn't my area of expertise. And yes, I definitely agree there is a Shopaholic in us all. :)

  8. I read a few on your list, Like Prada, Bridget Jones, and the Shopalic Series. Unfortunately none are any I would want to re-read. They were pleasant but not page turners for me. :-)

    Thanks for sharing.

    Here's Mine:
    My Top Ten Tuesday

  9. I have reread all the shopaholic books (I was on a no spending diet for awhile!!) they are delightful :)

  10. The Devil Wears Prada, I read the book and I enjoyed it a whole lot, but, I think I liked the movie better (yikes!) because of the ending.

    Happy Tuesday,
    ~ Shanella

  11. These are just my top ten chick lit books that I would re-read. I wouldn't even know where to begin if we were looking at all genres lol!

  12. Captain Corelli's Mandolin is a fabulous novel! I cried buckets when I read it. I loved the movie Bridget Jones's Diary and keep meaning to read the book... just haven't gotten to it yet.

  13. Good in Bed is an awesome book by the same author as In Her Shoes, you should read it! I read Something Borrowed this summer and I am very TEAM RACHEL. I hated Darcy. I am going to read Something Blue so maybe that will change but I doubt it.

    New follower! Love your blog!


  14. The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favorite books/movies as well! I thought it was really entertaining.

    But it's definitely the Shopaholic series that takes the cake on your list. It's been so long since I've read about Becky's hilarious adventures and you've just reminded me that I should go back and give them a read. :)

  15. I love Jemima J and I love Jennifer Weiner Good in Bed. I liked In Her Shoes too, but not as much.

    Come visit my list at The Scarlet Letter.


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