Friday, September 9, 2011

Blow Me: A Review

Lennie Ross - Blow Me  

When Was It Released?: 12th June 2011
Where Did I Get It From?: Lennie Ross was kind enough to send me a copy in return for an honest review
Who Published It?: LuLu   
Number Of Pages: 300 pages

Shopping trips in Paris, dating in LA, dining in Italy and even a prince; Blow Me has it all. I enjoy reading novels where I can escape into another world that is nothing like my own and Blow Me offers just that. With a provocative and edgy title ‘Blow Me’ I just knew that I had to get me teeth into this stunning novel.

Blow Me focuses around Skylar, Dawn and Chloe, all single, close to forty and acting much younger. Each woman is desperate to figure their lives out and gain a sense of stability. Skylar is a executive assistant who ends up losing her job and burning down her apartment after a wild night. Dawn is a matchmaker who is trying to slow down the aging process by freezing her embryos. Lastly Chloe is a struggling actress who is struggling to get a Green Cards. All of these women’s lives are in chaos and their hope is to be rescued through marrying a rich man. Set in the shallow world of LA, this provocative novel is set in the style of Sex and the City and humour sly looks at aging, dating and being forty.

Lennie Ross manages to tell an entertaining story with lots of personality while giving us a very honest look into the dating lives of single women in their forties. I really enjoyed the way in which Lennie added unique humour into the storyline, which made Blow Me even more engaging. One particular moment I laughed out loud at was, “There has been a women at the open house with a a very large handbag that Skye found suspicious. Skye wondered if she could have stolen the frickin cat”. I also really enjoyed the way in which Lennie keeps this light tone while dealing with emotional issues such as infertility and dating in an age obsessed LA. In terms of the characters I found Skye to be hilarious, however she is very self-centred, which makes it a little hard to find her likeable. Lennie does a great of creating a character is Chloe who readers are not supposed to like but who provides great entertainment throughout the novel. My favourite character has to be Dawn. I found her emotional moments within the novel to be moving and even though she enjoys living the glamorous life, she is the most down to earth of all the three girls. Many writers have done the topic of single women in their forties many times before, however I felt that Lennie was able to put a unique spin on the story making it seem fresh and new. Lennie also really brought the setting of LA to life and it really opened my eyes to how judgmental and cruel LA can be at times.

In terms of what I didn’t enjoy about the novel? Well I found that the characters became a little annoying at times. They readily sleep about and are very focused on wealth and material things. I also found them to be a little immature at times, and felt that I was reading about women much younger. I would also warn readers that this novel is a little provocative with some raunchy sex scenes.

Overall I really enjoyed reading Blow Me. Lennie Ross successfully took a theme we all love and made it unique and fresh. This novel is a fun read, and it is entertaining to see the more unglamorous side of LA. Blow Me is like Sex and the City set in LA. If you love your chick lit with a focus on escaping into another life then I’m sure you will love Blow Me. I cannot wait to read more from Lennie Ross in the future.

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  1. I agree with your dislikes! I had to keep reminding myself that these women were almost or already in their 40s. Dawn was also my favourite character. The book was a pretty fun read :)


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