Saturday, August 27, 2011

From Barcelona With Love: A Review

Elizabeth Adler - From Barcelona With Love

When Was It Released?: 21st June 2011
Where Did I Get It From?: The library
Who Published It?:   St Martins Press

Do you ever just want to be transported away to a foreign destination, with summer breezes, sandy beaches, expensive champagne and decadent foods? Well don’t we all! Not all of us, though can afford to hop onto a plane and visit these countries ourselves. Well now to get that same feeling you don’t have to, because From Barcelona With Love will transport you to the historic streets and luscious vine yards of Barcelona without even leaving the comfort of your own home.

Bibi Fortuna, singer/model/actress, was one of the most recognised and loved celebrities in Hollywood until her best friend and lover are killed and Bibi is arrested on suspicion of murdering them both.. Bibi was all over the front page, however the police were never able to prove that she had commited the crimes. Bibi was set free but with the cloud of suspicion still over her Bibi decided to run away to Barcelona and simply disappear. All is not so simple however, as Bibi has a daughter, Paloma, who she has to leave behind. When Paloma comes to private investigator Mac Reilley and his girlfriend Sunny Alvarez for help finding her mom, they cannot resist trying to solve this mystery and reunite a mother and her daughter. Did Bibi really commit the murders? Is Bibi even still alive? And if so where is she hiding?

From Barcelona With Love is the fourth novel in the Mac Reilley series, following on From One Of Those Malibu Nights, There’s Something About St Tropez and It All Began In Monte Carlo. Mac Reilley and Sunny Alvarez have shared their romance and travelled to many luxurious destinations. Unlike many other series though, do not worry if you have never read any of the other novels, as you can read these as stand along novels. Anything you need to know from the previous novels is already mentioned, therefore you will not feel as though you are missing information.

From first glance From Barcelona With Love may sound like a mystery, and in some senses it is. Don’t let that put it off, the novel is still filled with Elizabeth Adler’s trademark lush descriptions of both Barcelona and the foods experienced along the way. I love the way Elizabeth is able to transport you away to the countries she is describing, so that you feel as they you are right there along with the characters. Foodies like myself will also love the descriptions of the wine and food that her characters stumble upon on their journey through Barcelona. Make sure you read this novel after you have eaten as you will be craving everything Elizabeth mentions throughout the novel.

From Barcelona With Love, however, is one of my least favourites of Elizabeth Adler’s novels. I felt that the mystery element of this novel fell a little short with many details of the murder being brushed over. The story and the ending was also a little predictable with none of Elizabeth’s trademark twists and turns she usually splashes her novels with. If you have never read any of the Mac Reilley series of books you may find that you do not get to know the characters very well either. Elizabeth may have written the characters this way as if you have read the previous novels you will feel you know them extremely well but as a stand alone novel I feel readers would want to know more about the characters.

Overall, From Barcelona With Love light, fun beach read that you will want to throw into a straw bag and lay out in the sun reading. And if you are nowhere near a beach and the weather outside makes you want to curl up on the sofa then with this novel you will be transported to these far off destinations, making you forget about the cold weather outside, creating climatic scenes full of promise. Grab a glass of wine and you won’t feel as jealous of the characters sipping their expensive champagnes and decadent Bordeaux’s. If you love a good beach read this beach chic novel is defiantly worth a read, and if this is the type of book you enjoy you may want to check out her previous novels too.

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