Thursday, August 11, 2011

Review: Sophie's Turn by Nicky Well's

Nicky Well's - Sophie's Turn
When Was This Released?: July 9th 2011
Where Did I Get It From? The lovely Nicky Well's sent this copy to me. Thankyou Nicky :-D
Who Published It? Nicky worked long and hard to publish this novel herself

Nicky Well’s is debut author, originally from Germany, now living in Bristol in England, with her husband and two sons. She has self published her first e- book Sophie’s Turn a classic chick lit novel. Nicky kindly sent me an e-book copy of her novel . Normally I don’t enjoy reading e-books, I’m pretty old fashioned and love the feel and smell of a reading a new book. After reading about Sophie’s Turn, however, I was excited to get started. I always enjoy reading novel’s by new and upcoming author’s and Sophie’s Turn was no exception.
Have you ever dreamed of being engaged to a man you have lusted after for many years who is also the lead singer of your all time favourite band? Well for Sophie Penhalligan, this isn’t just her dream its her reality. Dan the lead singer of Tusk has just proposed to her and she is over the moon. There’s just one issue she’s already engaged to her long term boyfriend Tim. You’re probably wondering how one girl can become engaged to two men at once, right? Well so was I when I read the prologue of Sophie’s Turn, after all its not the predicament you find yourself in every day. You’re also probably coming to many presumptions about Sophie already but wait, you have to read her story before you judge her. Once you start devouring the pages you will come to realise how Sophie has managed to land herself in this unlikely situation and along the way you will begin to not only fall in love with her but also perhaps envy her just a little bit. Not only do we come to realise that she has a conscience she also has many elements to her that we can all relate to.

Sophie’s Turn is split into three sections; Flashbacks, Playing With Fire and Showtime. The first looks at how Sophie managed to become engaged to two men at one time; reliable dependable Tim and roguish handsome Dan. The second looks at the progression of both of her relationships with both men, with the third leading us to how Sophie manages to get herself out of her predicament and the decisions she comes to make. I usually don’t enjoy flashbacks as a way of telling back stories, however in Sophie’s Turn Nicky Well’s manages to fit these flashbacks perfectly into the narration so that the novel does not become stilted but continues to flow. I loved the humour injected into this novel with the moment of Tim de-slugging his garden having me laughing out loud, leaving me receiving many strange looks from people around me. I also was thrilled to notice some British elements thrown in, resulting in much nostalgia for me with the mention of scotch eggs and sausage rolls, as I am originally from England and miss many of these elements about Britain. Many UK novelists tend to stay away from too many mentions of words and items only associated with England, fearing that they will isolate the American market, so I was delighted to see that Nicky Well’s had not shied away from this.

Will Sophie choose Tim or Dan? Well you’ll have to read the book to find that answer but let me tell you the ending might just surprise you.

In Sophie’s Turn Nicky Well’s mixes a style reminiscent of Lauren Weinberger’s ‘Last Night in Ch√Ęteau Marmont’ with her unique British charm resulting in a honest, charming and slightly bitter sweet, romantic take on modern chick lit. Reading this novel feels as though you are hearing it directly from you’re best friend. I was able to devour this novel almost as fast as I tend to wolf down a chocolate bar when I‘m in need a sugar rush, even having to be literally dragged away from the novel at one point. Anyone who likes chick lit will love Sophie’s Turn just as much as I did.

Have you read this novel? Let me know what you thought.


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