Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My Book Boyfriend (1) Milo

I recently came across an fun and quirky post over at The Unread Reader and decided that I just had to participate.  My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme hosted by Missie from The Unread Reader. Many of us girls who love reading, from time to time develop crushes on the literary male characters within the novels we read. I know that I have definatly swooned over many characters within books. My Book Boyfriend  allows us to bring those crushes to life just a little more by imagining what the character would look like if he were real.

I just finished reading California Dreamers by Belinda Jones and My Book Boyfriend for this week would have to be Milo. Want to find out why? Well read on..........

  • Blonde hair
  • Sun kissed skin
  • Professional Actor
  • Wine Connoisseur
  • Doesn’t always go for the hottest girl in the room
  • Loves being in the outdoors
  • Athletic
  • Doesn’t always go for the hottest girl in the room 
  • Has a deeper side as his dad passed away young and it really affected him
Here are some quotes from California Dreamers that had me swooning over Milo:

Milo swoops in, whisks me off my feet and starts to carry me back to safety. Just like that I am in his arms, my hands very aware of the strength in his shoulder, my face just inches from his legendary jaw.

Milo tilts his head fondly at me
“Your different,” he muses
“Different to what?”
Instead of replying he leans close and kisses me

I don’t even need to feign interest when I see Milo staring back at me - how many men can make a threadbare denim shirt look good? I always think of him as freshly sun kissed, as if he spends his days lying in a field staring up at the sky with a sleep smile on his face. When he’s not acting in blockbusters of course. He always brings an effortless charm to them.

I would cast Jason Lewis as Milo. You are more than welcome to drool along with me. Do you agree with my choice? And more importantly who have you chosen as your Book Boyfriend. Let me know


  1. Great first choice!! Isn't this such a fun meme. Anywho onto Milo ... May I just say ... wow. He sounds like the perfect dream !! lol. And I love how he doesn't always go for the hottest girl in the room; kind of makes a girl feel special, lol :P The quotes and the pictures are definitely perfect!

  2. Thanks Jacquelynne. I think the meme is so fun and if it gives everyone a chance to drool over a hot guy, then all the better. He does sound perfect doesnt he. If only he were real!

  3. Yum! Jason Lewis looks like a California dream so casting him as Milo is prefect! I wouldn't mind being carried to safety by either man.

  4. Jason Lewis is a dream! I like him with is short hair best too :) I think him as Milo is a great choice!

  5. Milo sounds gorgeous, and Jason Lewis is so beautiful! Love him, excellent post!

  6. *stares with dreamy eyes* Milo's legendary jaw is making me want to read this book right now! Great post and thank you for Jason Lewis fix ;)


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