Monday, November 7, 2011

Book News: Miranda Dickinson

Now I may have been living under a rock to only just have come across this, but I have recently become aware of Miranda Dickinson's vlogs. I'm a big fan of Miranda Dickinson's novels Fairytale Of New York and Welcome To My World and I am eagerly anticipating her third novel It Started With A Kiss which is released on 10th November 2011. Every week Miranda has been making video posts about the process of publishing It Started With A Kiss and the journey that she goes on. It's a fantastic insight into the world of writing a novel, publishing a novel and what happens after the book hits the shelves.

If you want to check Miranda's Vlog's out, then head over to her blog and you can catch up with all the goings on:

To keep you going in the meantime while you are eagerly awaiting the release of It Started With A Kiss, here is the book trailer:

Want to pre-order It Started With A Kiss?

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