Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Blog Tour - Stay Tuned by Lauren Clark

Stay Tuned by Lauren Clark

When Was It Released?: 21st November 2011

Where Did I Get It From?: As part of the blog tour for Chick Lit Plus
Who Published It?: Monterey Press
Number Of Pages: 272 pages

When I came across the blog tour for Stay Tuned by Lauren Clark on Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours I just knew this was a book I would love reading. With a mix of the intriguing TV producing world as well as the gorgeous but simple cover, I had to sign up for the tour immediatly, so that I could get my hands on Stay Tuned.

Melissa Moore, a TV producer for the WSGA news, constantly has to deal with issues during her work day, but no-one expected a fist fight to happen during the ten o'clock news. When the glamourous Alyssa Andrews punches her co-anchor, Melissa is first on set to do anything to save the reputation of the show. After both anchors are fired Melissa agrees to temporaily take on the role, alone with a brand new makeover to tranform her from producer to presenter. While Melissa wows the viewers, her personal life is falling apart with a mother who is out of control, a stalker and a husband who is away from home more and more.

Stay Tuned was an enjoyable look into the crazy world of a newsroom producer. Lauren Clark has previously worked in TV and her knowledge and insider information added an extra layer to the story. While Stay Tuned is purely fiction, I found it interesting to see what really goes on behind the scenes of a news programme. And trust me, it is a lot crazier than you would ever believe. The pace of the book does start out a little slow over the first few pages, however once I got into the story my interest was piqued and kept throughout the remainder of the novel. Stay Tuned is extremely well written, with Lauren Clark setting the scene so well that I felt as though I could have reading about a real person rather than a fictional character.

While at times I did find Melissa a little difficult to relate to, perhaps because of how different she is from how I am, I did find her extremely likeable. She came across as a very realistic character, with insecurites and flaws, which I found refreshing to read about. My favourite character, however, has to be Candace, Melissa's best friend, who always seems so positive and full of life. Her constant quoting of Dr Phil, had me laughing the whole way through.

Overall, I found Stay Tuned to be a unique and quick read, that could easily be devoured in the space of a weekend. Stay Tuned is a real feel good book that will have you smiling long after you have turned the last page. I would reccomend Stay Tuned and I am looking forward to reading more from Lauren Clark in the future.


  1. Thanks for being a part of Lauren's tour!

  2. Thank you Georgina! Loved hearing your thoughts about Stay Tuned -- Candace was such a FUN character to write :)

    All the best & big hugs,



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